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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sneak Peak

Hello everyone...hope you all had a great New Years.

It's the time of year to start playing around with new projects so I don't have much to share but I did take a picture of my quilling board of what I have been working on. Some I will keep and some will get the boot or be revamped. The processes can be frustrating but in the end there is a new batch of cards.

I always need wedding and baby cards for my store so I have worked on a few of those...and Valentine's day is around the corner so I have a couple of hearts I have been working on {not sure if I like them though}and I never have enough cards for guys so I have quilled a 'dude'.

and if you haven't checked it out yet....Ann Martin from All Things Paper is having a giveaway so you can check it out here.


  1. Pretty, pretty! Looking forward to seeing what you'll make with each design.

  2. Love the hearts, and the little baby is so cute. Can't wait to see some cards done with them.

  3. Oh just look at your quilling board full of such pretties and one cool dude :)
    My quilling board is a blank space with a bunch of pins stuck in it

  4. They're looking good Cheryl - can't wait to see your designs!

  5. All your little projects are awesome. I love how your hearts look.

  6. wow, those hearts are so creative!


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