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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~ new arrival...quilled birds ~

 ~ like any proud parent there are ooodles of pictures
when there is a new addition to the family

and with a new addition to the 'card' family it's no different
there are ooodles of pictures

the proud parents up close

 the new family out for a walk
...and the new arrival

this card incorporates my favourite elements
quilling, digital, ribbon 
and b.l.i.n.g

have a great day
~ cheryl ~


  1. that is the cutest card. I love the background you used.

  2. Thanks everyone....

    Ann, I made the page in photoshop and just printed them out.

  3. Really cute... love the bright yellow with the subtle grey.

  4. awiee the lil one is so cute! loved this card. The background print and the yellow tweeties look great together!

  5. Fantastic project...

  6. So sweet this family and such a good taste. Your cards inspire harmony... Congratulations for the award! You deserve it!


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