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Monday, May 30, 2011

~ quilled umbrella - shower card

~ hope you all had a great weekend
and a long one for Americans...lucky for you to have today off

 hopefully you don't have to use an umbrella today
and if you do - that it is not made of paper

I needed to make more shower cards to sell at work
so I decided to make it for either a baby or a wedding shower

and used a gender neutral yellow
don't know why but I am really liking yellow right now
maybe it is the lack of sun we have had in BC this spring

I hope wherever you are you don't need an umbrella
and if you do that it is a bright sunny yellow one

~ cheryl


  1. I love your quilling... beautiful!

  2. very nice as always, love that your cards are simple and not to busy, it is easier on the eye, nice work!!!

  3. no need for umbrellas today, it's hot and sunny and perfect. that is a really cute umbrella though.
    Back to work for me tomorrow but I sure am enjoying the extra day off today

  4. I happened upon your blog the other day and I am just enchanted with your cards. I love to quill and I make alot of cards. Your blog provides inspiration. I am from Nebraska in the middle of the U.S. I am so intrigued with the writing on your cards. It looks SO professional. Would you share with me how you do it? My Email is I have bookmarked your blog and I will continue to visit it!

  5. Your quilling umbrella was wonderful...:)


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