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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~ quilled mexican hat {wedding card)

I am lucky enough to have a few wonderful customers who order cards from me often
and Amanda is one of them...she ordered the black & white dog card from my last post
and three other cards...a Mexican wedding card, a shower card, and an anniversary card

 I was a bit stumped on what to quill for a Mexican Wedding
but we came up with the sombrero

I like how it turned out but, for some reason, it is not easy to replicate
 I am finding it really hard to get the same size as the first one I made
I did make more to sell on etsy but they are not as good as this first attempt

 the shower and anniversary cards are not new designs for me
but I personalized them for her which is always a nice touch



  1. that's a really cute sombrero. I'm not surprised that you have repeat customers, you do good work. Your dog from your last post is so cute. You draw like

  2. Cute Sombrero, you can say its one of a kind, cant wait to see your stick people!!

  3. This sombrero card is awesome, I'm sure they'll love it



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