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Friday, July 8, 2011

~ see you on monday...

 ~ good morning bloggers

I don't have any new projects to share with you today but
wanted to share a post from Ann Martin of all things paper

Ann shared a link to a blog by post Jacqueline Basham that really struck a chord with me 
not only is Jackie's paper cutting AMAZING but she has a beautiful way 
with words and helping you look at things just a little differently

Jackie is taking a break from the computer to refresh and regroup and has inspired Ann
to take a break from the computer for the weeknd and I have jumped on the band wagon

I am always looking for more time but Jackie has made me realize that
the time is just have to use it right

so for the weekend I am going to use my spare time to create
rather than surf the net, and see how better I can use my time

so if you have the time (hehe) check out Ann's post where you will find links to 
Jackie's blog and etsy site

we will resume our regularly scheduled program on monday
and hopefully I will have something to share

and I want to give a shout-out to Ann for taking us in {paper} directions
that we would not have found on our own

~ cheryl 


  1. aw thanks Cheryl. And the reason I find these things? It's because I'm online so much! Definitely tuning out for the weekend... if I can find the willpower to stay away. :)

  2. I just read that post a few minutes ago, it really did get me to thinking.
    Enjoy your weekend off and happy creating :)


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