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Thursday, September 8, 2011

~ a new beginning

~ no better time than September for a new beginning
I love this time of year as we head into fall
it always inspires me to clean house and make some changes

I had been thinking about changing my logo & tag line for a while now
and when I purchased ad space on all things paper
it seemed like a good time to do it
I started on the logo but didn't change the name for the ad

cards by cheryl seems craft sale{ish}and it was time to for a change welcome to a paper life

paper is all I have worked with for a while now
so it seemed like a good place to start
and it is my there you go

I have not done a lot of research on other blogs and things 
but it fit me so well I didn't want to know what else is out there
there is room for all of us

I have a few cards that I have been holding back
 and I'll start showing them tomorrow
I have a new watermark and didn't want to change
it until I had the header and banner to go with it

for now I will leave my url at cardsbycheryl
and my esty site will not change
{otherwise I loose all of my stats and sales}

but from now on I will also be going by 
~ a paper life


  1. Wonderful... Congratulations on the new beginning

  2. A very special logo&tag, the right one for you and your wonderful creations! Congratulations on the new beginning!

  3. Good luck with your 'new beginning', Cheryl!

  4. Congratuations for the new logo, it is just right for your lovely posts, I really like your site very much. Thank you too for all the inspiration.

  5. It looks fabulous and it fits you well. Perfect.

  6. Estupendo nuevo diseño muy primaveral :D


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