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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

eeek....a quilled mouse

~ it's more like eeeeekkkk where have I been 
but I do have lots of cards to show you
I will try to post most of them over the next few weeks

still loving the 1/4" quilling paper

~ cheryl


  1. what a beautiful card and the mouse looks very nice!
    Greetings Baukje

  2. Glad you're back! I was getting worried about you ;) Cute mouse! How is the 1/4" paper with envelopes? Just wondering.

  3. I was just working a custom order for 50 cards, nativities, and of course, my day job. But other then that I am still quilling up a storm. I am spending way too much time on blogging so I had to cut back a bit.

    I don't have a problem with the envelope and the 1/4" paper but I do recommend that it is best for hand delivery or put into a bubble envelope or box for far so good.

  4. your one busy lady, the mouse is soooo cute, like the saying!!!

  5. Love the little mouse and the sentiment on the card. It's perfect and that's exactly how I feel every time another birthday rolls around :)


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