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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~ quilled bowling card

~ good morning peeps

got a chuckle from Paula's blog post today
she started it out by saying Sorry it's been awhile since my last post

it made me chuckle because it sounded like a confessional
sorry blogging GOD, it has been a while since my last post

so I thought I better do a post before I feel the need to confess too {hehe}

this is another special request card....
love my cardie peeps who keep ordering from me
the recipient loves bowling so pins and balls it is

I resisted the urge to call this post quilled balls
but then there is only one bowling ball 
so it wouldn't have worked anyway

and, of course, I made some for work and my etsy site
{which I will upload as soon as I take the pictures}

~ cheryl


  1. Your post sure did make me chuckle-- love the new term of "blogging god"!!

  2. Got me laughing again,lol. You dont know how much I needed a good laugh, thank you!!
    Your pins are shaped great, love this card!, I use to bowl on a team until I becam disabled, I miss those days !

  3. Hahahaha! Blogging God, how cool is that !:D I seem to be confessing to that one often! :D

    But such a nice, thoughtful and innovative card Cheryl! What ideas!!!!!!

  4. LOL the blogging confessional I love it.
    Love your card too, it's perfect

  5. Love your cards... all of them :)

  6. Ha! So darned cute... love the fast lane saying and you even added shine to the ball. :)

  7. Brilliant! May I "rewrite" Paula's comment :)
    You could be a writer, too, but definitely you make the most beautiful cards for guys!


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