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Monday, January 30, 2012

~ quilled sheep {sweet 16}

~ hello

as you may have noticed I've had a lot of special requests lately
 and this one is a cutie patootie

the request was for a sweet 16 card with a sheep on it

and because I like to 'set the scene' there is a quilled tree and flower
and the 'ground' was done in {tada...} photoshop

you might notice the pictures are really close and you can't see my mantle
...well I had to take the pictures at night and they were horrible

so the whitest light I have is the one on my stove so that's where I took them
and you can't even tell :)

~ cheryl


  1. Looks great, love the sheep and tree!!!

  2. Sweet, love that you added the tree and flower, love it !!!

  3. that is so cute. I would say your stove makes for a pretty good photo studio :)
    So when you get these special requests are they for things people have seen you make before or do they say can you do (?)

    1. Hi Ann
      it usually is both....I get people who look at my etsy site and just ask me to personalize it {maybe change the colours} and then I get people asking for specific things. If I am really busy I like it when I have made it before but then I like to make things I haven't made before.

  4. Baba Baa white ship :) Your ships are wonderful!!

  5. All your recent Valentine card designs are adorable! Always love seeing your sheep. This card is a perfect Sweet 16. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is my favorite card!!!I love the photos, they are somehow soft.

  7. WOW- love your work...and this is gorgeous! All your cards are clean, delicate and beautiful.
    I have a grandaughter called Jessica. I would love to make something like this for her when she is 16....I'll have to start practicing ( she's not 2 yet)!
    Love your cards.


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