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Monday, June 25, 2012

...and I am home

~ good morning

well that was a whirlwind trip but we sure had a lot of fun
I haven't uploaded my pictures yet but here are a few taken from my iphone

 ...and you know all of those posts I promised
well only one of them worked

I had 7 scheduled and I noticed while I was gone that they were not posting
so I checked my schedule and they were all gone

not sure what happened but I will post them in the future
right now I am in nativity blitz 
I need to have 100 of the 200 ordered ready by the end of Aug
but I will post other stuff when I can



  1. welcome back. from the sampling of pictures here I bet you had a great time. At least since your post didn't publish you have some to use while you're busy with your nativity

  2. Dear Cheryl, I love to read about your life and exeperiences! Samuel Davis was the last post I`ve read and now I discover with a lot of joy the other posts.
    I love your work!

  3. Welcome back, did you miss us?,lol, hope you had a great time!!
    hope you can get your order done in time, thats a lot to make,good luck!!!


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