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Friday, April 12, 2013

~ Dad

 ~ I am lovin all the typographical quilling 
being done out there in blog land
it brings the technique to a whole new level 

I did this card in Feb for a friends dad
and if you have been following my work for a while
you will know that this card is true to my simplistic style....

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  1. Beautifully done, Cheryl! I love the font and color you chose too.

  2. Hello Cherryl! I´m so in love for your work. It´s just amazing. I do quilling sometimes, but nothing like yours. :-) xxx Monica Bramorski

  3. Hello Cherryl! I´m so in love for your work! You are amazing. Sometimes I do quilling, but nothing like yours. From now on, you´ll be my quilling guru!!! xxx Monica

  4. what a beautiful card for your 81 years!
    greetings Baukje
    very nice weekend!

  5. lovely card, love the letters there so perfect, love the soft blue color to !!!

  6. Nice combo you have here Cheryl..

  7. yep, I'm drawn to your blog by your simple and clean style!

  8. very neat work. Love the simplicity of the card.


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