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Monday, May 13, 2013

~ quilled 3d park scene

~ happy day after mother's day

I've been working on some very special projects lately 
and now that I have given a few of them out I can start sharing them
most days my mom and I take her dog for a walk on a local walking trail
my mom feeds the birds and squirrels seeds while her dog chases them away

my mom is usually wearing her red coat so when the birds see the lady in 
the red coat they follow us along waiting for some seed to be tossed

so for my moms birthday in April I made her a 'walk in the park' quilled scene
it was a hit... 

................... edited to add ................... 

here are 2 pictures that might give you better perspective on how big it is
it is a bit bigger than palm size

the base measures 4" square (or 10 cm) and it is 4" high
the first picture shows the box I put it in
it is a 4" square clear box

the second picture is the stand that I take my card pictures on
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  1. What a fabulous scene you have created ! Fresh green grass,pretty flowers ,lovely lady ,cute doggy n squirrels.... all fabulously quilled.

  2. I was expectng another card, very suprised thisis fantastic love the lady i red and sweet that you made it to resemble your Mom on a walk. what mother wouldnt love !!!!!

  3. it's really amazing! i love the green park! and the details of it. just curious how big is it? is it palm size?

  4. is is a bit bigger than palm size. The base measures 4" square (or 10 cm) and it is 4" high. The box I put it in is a 4" square clear box....I think I have a picture I can upload.

  5. So perfect !! A thoughtful gift too.

  6. You have so many great ideas!! Gorgeous scene!

  7. You are amazing!!! I've said it before, but I LOVE your stuff!! These 3D scenes are absolutely wonderful!!! :)


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