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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

~ quilled Daria & Brandon

 ~ I was recently was commissioned to make a quilled scene for a friends
 daughter, Daria to give to her husband on their first anniversary
...which happens to be PAPER
Daria sent me a few pictures to get a sense of what they looked like
and I decicded to take this one and quill it as close as possible...
quill both her and Brandon and the dogs running down the beach
Daria's hair is not as curly in the picture but it is normally
so that is what she chose to go with
the fun part for me is in the details from her necklace to Brandon's hair
 don't you just love his hair, it's shaved paper (or do it yourself flocking)

Cecelia from Crafting Creatures came up with the idea so check out 
how to make shaved paper on her blog
 I know I took oooodles of pictures but they are the hardest 
darn things to take photos of because you can see right through them

...and besides they are sooooo cute it's hard to stop taking pictures 

and now you can purchase your very own 3d scene 

~ cheryl


  1. AWESOME quilling !!So much detailed quilling here I just loved the way have done the hairs for both of them....The lady looks fab with wonderfully quilled outfit,denim jacket ,cute necklace and her footwear !The guy is equally amazing with fabulously quilled outfit.

  2. oh wow what an awesome couple, your really out did yourself on this one, they will love it !!!

  3. I love it beautiful
    Greetings Baukje

  4. outstanding work and little doggies are awesome

  5. oh my God, Cheryl, they are sooo adorable!!! I love every little detail of the scene!


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