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Thursday, October 3, 2013

~ quilled 3d scene {for my sister}

I'm on a 'roll' with these 3d scenes
I love doing them and putting in the personal touches

this one was made for my sister's birthday in early September
and anyone who knows my sister knows they can find her out on her back deck
in her housecoat, with a glass of wine, her ipad and a book

the way she is sitting in the chair might look like she has had too much wine 
but that is just her in her lounge chair lol

she was visiting me while I was making it on the sly so I had the chance to ask her what 
her favourite book was...a prayer for Owen Meany

on her back deck she has a trellis with lots of flowers, ooooodles 
of flower pots and her cats often come to visit

there is also a huge walnut tree that flows over the deck 
and a resident squirrel often come for tea

the base on this one is a little bigger than the other ones I have made

and she is an avid gardener so this is the card I made for her
I changed the top line of the sign and left the word 'garden'

.... she loved it all


  1. you have created beautiful scenes, cheryl!!

  2. Wow ! I loved how you have done the outfit and the win glass n the chair !! The whole scene looks so cute n wonderful !

  3. great work cheryl, loved the colours and the relaxing posture

  4. wow there awesome, love the print on her robe, nice details to, love it all !!!!


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