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Monday, March 2, 2015

~ baby shower gift wrapping

as promised .... here is the packaging that went along with the giraffe card from last post
 and since I work in a specialty packaging store I know just the place for skookum packaging

this  2 1/4" navajo turquoise double face satin ribbon matched PERFECTLY with the giraffe
 along with the brown flower ribbon in the same colour, I loved how it came together

rather than putting all of the baby goodies in a big box I love 
mixing it up with different sizes and styles of boxes

the little handled boxes are actually for cupcakes 
and we were out of the giraffe gift wrap so why not elephants

 next time I will show you what was in the bottom box
and yes it has to do with quilling ♥


  1. love the colours dear and cute giraffe

  2. Pretty useful information on baby shower gift wrapping. Last month, I arranged candy buffet party with my friends’ families and hired a corporate event planners for annual sports event in office. We all had excellent time at the party and enjoyed a lot.


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