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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

happy birthday quilled cake

Good morning everyone...

...who doesn't like cake even if it is made of paper. I have a few more cards in the wings so check back tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by for this quick little post.
See you next time


  1. i'm from india..where can i get quilling papers and tools?any online link?

  2. Hi there (sorry I don't know your name)

    the easiest way to find suppliers is just to Google 'buy quiling paper on line' especially if you want to find places in your own country. I know there are a lot of quillers from India so maybe contact someone local (such as and there is an Indian Quillers Face book Page at

    I found all of this info on Google so maybe start there.
    I would have emailed you but your address is not visible.
    thanks a lot


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